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The BBA program of management of RMSTU is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of management concepts and contemporary issues of development. The program provides wide range of elective courses to help students to pursue their studies according to their academic interests and career.

The BBA program in management is to be completed in four years. A student is required to take 126 credit hours in four years. It is a terminal degree. Each year is divided into two semesters and a total of eight eight semesters in four years needs to be completed. Each course is of 100 marks. There are two mid-term tests for each course which are held for minimum one hour duration that carry 20% of weightage while attendance 10% weightage. The rest 60% is meant for final examination.


Department Chairman


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Saptarshi Chakma


Faculty Members



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Ms. Asifa Nargis
Ms. Farha Sultana
Mr. Gourab Chakma
Ms. Neingmraching Chowdhury Nani
Mr. Sazzad Mahmud
Ms. Saptarshi Chakma
Ms. Suchana Akther


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